Bee’s Wing Farm

by Mitra Kashani

Everyone needs a little soul food, and that’s just what Bee’s Wing Farm provides! Nestled in the valleys of Bluemont, Virginia, Bee’s Wing Farm is a newly blossoming flower farm owned and operated by Chelsea Belle Graves.

Chelsea is a young and hopeful farmer with over ten years of experience tending to the earth. With the help of her parents and husband, Chelsea brought Bee’s Wing Farm to life at her childhood home in Bluemont in 2014, and now grows over 40 varieties of flowers, berries, herbs, and greenery, and creates hand-curated bouquets for every occasion.

Originally, Chelsea had aspirations to become a vegetable grower, but later realized that with flowers, “… I was nourishing a different part of people. I tell folks we’re selling soul food…they recognize that their eyes and their heart need to feast on that. I got over not growing carrots anymore.”

Bee’s Wing Farm uses all organic and gentle practices in their growing, stating “in an effort to care for and respect the land we do not use any synthetic pesticides or herbicides. We know that the soil is the soul of our farm and care for it through cover cropping, compost and integrating our livestock and cropping systems.”

The farm also houses a walk-in cooler, allowing customers the opportunity to experience flowers that are picked at their peak freshness. There are a variety of ways to experience the blooms of Bee’s Wing Farm: as a bride or groom on your wedding day, as a CSA share member where you receive a fresh bouquet every week, at a local farmers market (this summer, the farm will be tabeling at Reston and Berrysville farmers markets) or at a local wholesale shop, like Jenny’s Salon or Petite LouLou.

As Chelsea mentioned, “When you’re choosing local, you’re supporting people living the dream, helping them sustain this life whether its through a $2 stem at a farmers market or a CSA share.”